The Eternal Search for Truth and Freedom is Essential to the Soul of Mankind.  If We Allow Information to be Hidden from Us and our God-given Rights to be INFRINGED at the Whims of Corporations and Politicians, than we Cease Being Human and Must Resign Ourselves as Slaves. I WILL NOT be Dumbed-down and Disarmed by Tyrants, nor Will I Allow my Fellow Humans to Become Cattle.  NOW More than EVER is the Time that we MUST All Stand AND Fight for Truth and Freedom or We Will Forever Lose our Free Agency and Souls to a Clan of Vampires Draining the Life Blood Out of Humanity.

We Believe in Free Speech and the God-given Right for ALL People of The World to Bear Arms.  We Call on the Governments of the World to End Censorship AND Repeal ALL Gun Control Laws.


The files are currently hosted via torrents and the links below are magnet links to download the torrent files.  You will need a torrent client in order to download the files.  If you do not have a torrent client, you can download BitTorrent.

3D GUNS – Files

  DefDist DefCAD 3D CAD file full pack zips 2018

  FOSSCAD MegaPack v4.8

  3D Print Bump Fire Gadgets for AR-15, AK-47, Saiga-12, BMF

In the future we hope to be able to host the files on our own servers and break the packs down so you can download files for individual guns/parts. Also a free speech and gun rights blog is in the works.  Please stay tuned and if you enjoyed these files please consider donating, joining our newsletter or more importantly, telling a friend about 3DGUNS.STORE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at freespeech@3dguns.store